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Abney Park

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Mesaj Scris de CristiBoss la data de Mar Sept 15, 2009 7:02 pm

Abney Park is a band based in Seattle that mixes elements of industrial dance, and world music influences in their work. Their name comes from Abney Park Cemetery in London (UK).

Abney Park was formed by Robert Brown in 1997. In 1998 they released their first full-length album Abney Park, and in 1999 they released Return to the Fire. Tracks from these two albums as well as a couple of new ones formed their third release, titled Cemetery Number 1. In the early years of Abney Park, the band featured a gothic musical and visual style.

In 2005, the band released Taxidermy, which is a collection of new versions of songs from past albums, three live tracks and two covers. In 2006 they released the album The Death of Tragedy. After this release, their line-up changed as well, with the departure of Traci Nemeth, Krysztof Nemeth and Robert Hazelton, replaced by Magdalene Veen, Jean-Paul Mayden and Nathaniel Johnstone. Shortly thereafter Jean-Paul departed the band to be replaced by Daniel C. As part of their transformation, Abney Park invented fictional identities of themselves, complete with a background story that describes the fictional history of the band as the crew of an airship named the Ophelia. In the spring of 2008, Magdalene Veen left the band and was replaced by Finn Von Claret. That year, they released Lost Horizons, their first steampunk-themed album. Finn retired in the summer of 2009, and the band is currently auditioning dancers and singers for her replacement.

Abney Park has performed at festivals like Dragon*Con, Saturnalia, Utah Dark Arts, Bats Day, Convergence, Ravenwood Festival, Masque and Veil, and the Bay Area Maker Faire. Their music has also been featured in many compilation CDs, including Cleopatra Records' The Unquiet Grave vol. III, Annihilation and Seduction , Eighteen; and in several movie soundtracks, including Insomnis Amour, Goth, and Lord of the Vampires.